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It can be difficult to pinpoint a problem with a vehicle. Our diagnostics tool can analyse your can and give a detailed readout for us to take action. This means we repair what is absolutely necessary- saving you money!


Do you have a loss of compression or perhaps excessive oil consumption?
We can take care of  your engine rebuild with our A Grade mechanics.


We can take care of all your brake needs in our workshop and offer a comphrehensive service.


It is important that you check your tyres regularly. Having tyres that are both legal and safe should be of upmost importance. We provide new and secondhand tyres fitted and balanced. 

Full Mechanical Repair Shop

We take care of all your vehicles needs in house with our specialist equipment

Engine Rebuilds

We specialise in the rebuilding and reconditioning of car engines. Using out fully integrated modern workshop we can take care of the most demanding jobs.

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Modern technology allows us greater insight into howwell a vehicle is performing or underperforming. Using the information from our diagnostics toolset we are able to capture data that allows us to take care of issues with surgical precision.

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We offer a full warranty and 100% guarantee. 

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